Recordings from the AI, Big Data And Democracy – AI UK Fringe Event

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The recordings of the deep-dive workshop organized by the AI, Big Data, and Democracy taskforce (AI4Gov, KT4D, Ithaca and ORBIS projects) as part of the AI UK Fringe event on March 7th, are now available οn YouΤube:

ΑΙ4Gov was represented by:

  • Fabiana Fournier from IBM Research, with the keynote speech: “Trustworthy and Explainable AI in Policy Making: How can we enhance trustworthiness, fairness and explainability of the modern AI by enabling humans to reason about the outcomes of AI-based models.”
  • Andreas Karabetian, from University of Piraeus, with the live demonstration: “A Self-Explained Visualization Workbench: a Bias Detection Toolkit that empowers policymakers, researchers, and practitioners with understanding tailored for detecting biases in AI systems.”

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