Deliverable D4.3: Policies Visualization Services V1

D4.3 Policies Visualization Services V1 introduces the Visualization Workbench, a key component of the AI4Gov project. It serves as a centralized platform for innovative solutions at the intersection of artificial intelligence and governance. Positioned as the project’s front end, it hosts seven distinct use cases across three different domains: Water Management , Sustainable Development and Tourism. Each […]

[AI4Gov] Deliverable 3.1: Decentralized Data Governance, Provenance and Reliability V1

D3.1 Decentralized Data Governance, Provenance and Reliability V1 is the first iteration of two deliverables, which aim to define and implement the framework that realises the data governance of AI4Gov both at the level of specifications and at the technical level. Since AI4Gov aims at transparency in data sources and, consequently, in AI-generated bias reports, it […]


D2.3 Reference Architecture and Integration of AI4Gov Platform V1 introduces the first iteration of AI4Gov platform’s reference architecture and its integration approach. Thus, the purpose of this document is two-fold. At first, it provides an initial list of measurable and specific system requirements that will drive the design of the architecture of the AI4Gov platform and […]

ΑΙ4Gov presented at University of Brasilia, Brazil

On September 1, 2023, project partner Jožef Stefan Institute (JSI) presented the AI4Gov project at the University of Brasilia, Brazil. The lecture entitled “AI and the future of building and sharing knowledge: Revolutionising learning experiences based on open data” was addressed to the local academic circle of University of Brasilia. The face-to-face lecture was part of the activities […]

Learning material from 1st AI4Gov training workshop

The learning materials from the 1st AI4GOV training workshop, titled Bias in AI (focused on fundamentals), are now publicly available, hosted by the VideoLectures.NET platform. The video lectures are available with dedicated slides, that are synchronized to the talks. The first session focused on the fundamentals of AI and bias, as well as the impact of bias on human […]

Consolidated Working Draft of the Framework Convention on Artificial Intelligence, Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law

In July, the Council of Europe’s Committee on AI presented a consolidated working draft of the Framework Convention on Artificial Intelligence, Human Rights, Democracy, and the Rule of Law. This Draft is intended to be the basis for future negotiations for signing the definitive Framework Convention on AI, HR, Democracy, and the Rule of Law.  The proposal for […]

Deliverable 2.1: AI4Gov Holistic Regulatory Framework V1

D2.1 “AI4Gov Holistic Regulatory Framework V1” delves into the pervasive nature and consequences of bias, with a particular focus on underrepresented groups and the challenges they face. It highlights the profound impact of both conscious and unconscious biases on decision-making, behaviors, and outcomes across various sectors. Specifically, we examine bias within Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications in […]


The AI4Gov project held its 1st Training Workshop, “Bias In AI”, on May 16, 2023, in Ljubljana, Slovenia, kindly hosted by the Jožef Stefan Institute. The first session focused on the fundamentals of AI and bias, as well as the impact of bias on human rights, especially for underrepresented groups. In the second session, participants […]


On 20th-21st February 2023, the AI4Gov project officially started its activities with the kick-off meeting, held in Athens. An online preparatory meeting was preceded in order to identify those issues that needed to be addressed, so that the kick-off meeting would be as productive as possible. AI4Gov partners got to know one another better by discussing about […]