Deliverable 2.1: AI4Gov Holistic Regulatory Framework V1

D2.1 “AI4Gov Holistic Regulatory Framework V1” delves into the pervasive nature and consequences of bias, with a particular focus on underrepresented groups and the challenges they face. It highlights the profound impact of both conscious and unconscious biases on decision-making, behaviors, and outcomes across various sectors. Specifically, we examine bias within Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications in […]

AI4Gov Project Presents at the TI-2023 Workshop.

July 5, 2023 – Coral Bay, Pafos, Cyprus – The AI4Gov project, committed to the exploration and development of artificial intelligence (AI) for transparent public governance, showcased its latest research at the Workshop on Next Generation IoT and AI systems for Trusted, Human-Centered Intelligence (TI-2023). The workshop, which took place in Coral Bay, Cyprus from […]