Deliverable 2.1: AI4Gov Holistic Regulatory Framework V1

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D2.1 “AI4Gov Holistic Regulatory Framework V1” delves into the pervasive nature and consequences of bias, with a particular focus on underrepresented groups and the challenges they face. It highlights the profound impact of both conscious and unconscious biases on decision-making, behaviors, and outcomes across various sectors. Specifically, we examine bias within Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications in governmental contexts, as part of the AI4Gov pilot use cases. By shedding light on the ethical and societal implications, as well as potential adverse consequences, we aim to deepen our understanding of how bias manifests in AI and its real-world implications.

To address bias effectively, we provide recommendations that center on self-reflection, diversity and inclusion initiatives, and continuous education. These insights are derived from our thorough exploration of AI4Gov Training Workshops, which offer practical applications and strategies for tackling bias. Additionally, we employ interviews and surveys to identify underrepresented groups and neglected areas of discrimination, ensuring compliance with EU Regulations on Human Rights. Furthermore, our report presents an initial analysis of the AI-based Democracy Holistic Regulatory Framework (HRF), evaluating its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Overall, our research emphasises the vital importance of recognising and addressing bias, particularly within AI implementations. By doing so, we strive to promote fairness, inclusivity, and equality across all societal sectors.

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